Who We Are

Capital Access is a development and consulting firm in housing and economic development. Our clients include HUD, states, counties, cities, land banks, community organizations, and financial intermediaries.

Our work is rooted in a love of neighborhoods and communities where people live and work. We believe each neighborhood and community presents its own opportunities for prosperity and high quality of life.

The challenge is how to get there.

How We Can Help

Since 1995, we have helped our clients:

  • Improve the performance of HUD grant programs in compliance with regulations;
  • Underwrite and process loans from HUD Section 108 and state and local government sources;
  • Design and implement programs in housing and mixed-use development, blight removal and disaster recovery.

Please call Capital Access CEO, Jeremey Newberg, at (215) 551-2000 or email jn@capitalaccessinc.com to discuss how we can help you:

  • Craft a Vision for your projects and the communities you serve,
  • Develop the Strategies to achieve your vision, and
  • Implement the strategies in an innovative and cost effective manner to meet your goals.