Consultant's Notebook

Adventures In Disaster Recovery

May 2014

Attached please take a look at our “Adventures in Disaster Recovery” presentation where we review the similarities between financial and storm related disaster recovery.  Presentation: Adventures in Disaster Recovery

Economic Revitalization – Returns on Investments; Returns for Communities

December 2012

Returns on Investments; Returns for Communities

Is your community ready for an Economic Revitalization strategy?  The term Economic Revitalization is a model that draws on the lessons learned of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization practitioners where the Neighborhood is the Economic Hub in the Connected Age rather than a single employer.  The task is crafting a unifying vision which generates strategies that will grow and attract a range of businesses and services.  The vision is to build from within.

Economic Revitalization identifies the competitive advantages of a commercial district and nearby neighborhoods within the context of a regional and global economy.  Where the old paradigm of Economic Development focused on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” Economic Revitalization focuses on “Jobs, Sense of Place and Quality of Life.”

The key component is to focus on how to attract and retain smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial people who want to be connected to a community of colleagues and neighbors.

This presentation will guide attendees on how to develop their own Vision, Strategy and Implementation System to make Economic Revitalization happen and increase the capital base in their own community.  This requires investments in:

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Quality of Life Services
  • Work Spaces
  • Infrastructure
  • Businesses
  • Housing

No one can do it alone.  In order to be successful, the community must formalize Partnership Roles and Responsibilities of Business, Political, Institutional and Community Leaders.  Partners need to Re-define, Re-invigorate and Re-commit to the Practice of Partnership to implement economic revitalization strategies.  The residents of the community also play a vital role in restoring the economic health of their community towards prosperity and a better quality of life.

The goal is not just one project, but a series of investments that are strategically acquired which integrates community revitalization with economic revitalization.  The goal is to identify a “There, there” within your community that can anchor an Economic Revitalization Strategy.

Welcome to Capital Access

November 2012

Welcome to our new website and welcome to Capital Access!

We redesigned our website to help clients, colleagues and friends learn more about what we do, success stories, and provide access to some tools we developed. We want to use this website to convene a discussion of how we can get our communities back to work and achieve a more sustained and shared prosperity.

Since 1995, Capital Access, Inc. has focused on housing to spark the revitalization of neighborhoods. With the $24 million Jefferson Square Mixed-Income Homeownership project in Philadelphia and the $223 million Michigan Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 Consortium, we have been honored with the opportunity to put big ideas into action. With the “Homeownership Development Toolbox”, the “Scattered-Site Rental Business Planning Guide” and the new “Dashboard for Project and Grants Management” we develop tools to help HUD, state and local governments and community developers improve their housing and redevelopment production systems.

In spring 2012, HUD awarded Capital Access $2.5 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) and One Community Planning and Development (One CPD) Technical Assistance contracts. Capital Access staff will be deployed nationally to help state and local governments and their grantees optimize the impact of their housing and community development programs.

In the past two years Capital Access has grown to a staff of 24 seasoned and nimble housing and redevelopment professionals. We are skilled in helping our clients craft plans, manage programs and develop projects that help revitalize communities for people who earn a range of incomes.

We are grateful to our clients, funders and colleagues for the success we have achieved since 1995. Now, in my role as CEO, citizen, neighbor and father, I am compelled to explore how Capital Access can play a deeper role in re-building the capital base of communities.

The next phase for Capital Access will focus on how we leverage our expertise in neighborhood revitalization and expand our services into economic development. We are fiercely focused on helping our clients to develop the vision, strategies and implementation capacity to help increase employment and improve quality of life in the neighborhoods our clients serve.

Our measurement of success will be when we see neighbors busy with work, tending to their families, and joyfully supporting a shared sense of prosperity in the communities they call home.