We are the People services experts in disaster recovery. 

When grantees focus on processing people first, they are better positioned to quantify unmet needs and attract funding. We have the staff and systems to be a full service case management operation. Capital Access specializes in:

  • Application intake & eligibility determination;
  • Duplication and verification of benefit analysis (DOB/VOB);
  • Eligible expense receipt reviews;
  • Reimbursement, award benefit and incentive calculations;
  • Buyout and replacement housing programs;
  • Uniform Relocation Act (URA) homeowner and tenant relocation services;
  • Program operations, compliance or project management;
  • Production reporting;
  • Third party quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) reviews.

Capital Access offers program design, staffing and management systems set-up and support for grantees that choose to build their own capacity.

We provide subject matter experts (SMEs) to serve a range of FEMA and HUD policy and program needs. We demystify program design, policy and procedures to meet federal regulations and address local needs. 

Capital Access is the cost effective, quality customer service solution for what works best and how to provide it faster.


Our team brings the experience and resources to anticipate needs right away. We implement triage to avoid bottlenecks so that every applicant or project makes progress towards completion.

Getting better should also include getting faster. We continually cross train teams to improve each program service capability and rates of production.

Our seasoned staff is in place to help guide and expedite the work at hand. We invest in our staff to ensure they have the right tools for the scale and type of programs implemented. We have on-site and remote processing teams that stand ready to fill any gaps that may arise 24/7.


We use proven tools of clear production goals, work plans and accountability to deliver quality. Our experience and relationships as a HUD TA provider and housing developer gives us an understanding of what works best when confronted with new challenges. 

Capital Access is disciplined in our approach to ensure compliance is achieved while work is being done—not after. We develop tools and systems that save time, cost and extra work down the road. Organization and accountability brings order to the chaos of disaster recovery so that deadlines are met, tasks are achieved and better solutions realized.

We make sure decisions are well documented for consistency and easy auditing. Our documentation checklists ensure each individual project is closed out as it is completed so program grants are unburdened when the last project is awarded. Our measure of success is when closeouts and audits are uneventful, saving our clients time and money.

Cost Reasonable

Capital Access is strategic in working with clients to determine who does what best so we can leverage existing or local resources and deploy the most cost effective staff to fill the service gaps where they are needed most.

Our training skills provide knowledge transfer so that our teams and clients can consolidate roles and provide a better continuum of services. This strategy avoids the potential delays and extra costs associated with on-boarding new staff and teams for the next set of tasks during each phase of a program.

We use open source market information system solutions so our partners and clients can continue to provide services long term without costly licensing or complex data transfer.

Our experience with sourcing staff locally combined with our deep bench of SMEs and remote processing capabilities allows us to provide cost effective solutions our clients need throughout each phase of their programs.

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