Request for Proposal for Desktop Publishing Services


Capital Access was awarded a contract with the City of St. Louis Community Development Administration (Client) to create two separate policy and procedure manuals. One manual is for the City Healthy Home Repair Program (HHRP), the other is for their Housing Production Program (HPP). These manuals will serve as guidance and training to new users in addition to fulfilling a compliance requirement for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The purpose of this RFP is to identify experienced and skilled talent to offer a wide range of professional document formatting, editing and production services at a reasonable cost. In addition to having superior desktop publishing skills, the preferred candidate will be a certified Minority and/or Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE).


Capital Access will provide the research, subject matter expertise, text and content development for the two above referenced manuals but is seeking a qualified M/WBE firm to perform the following duties:

  • Professional document formatting services for a digital and hardcopy manual

  • Graphic Design services

  • Editing and proofreading services

  • Process mapping creation and editing

  • Creation of table of contents and definitions with keyword search ability in all file


  • Versioning control and capacity so the Client can easily and effectively update or modify the document as needed

The Client has an existing manual for the HHRP that requires significant updating. The other HPP requires a manual and will rely on Capital Access to assist in the development of the format and content for one. Each manual is anticipated to require approximately 100 pages of informational materials.

The designer must be available as needed remotely and may expect to conduct one or two on- site visits with the Client in St. Louis. The following is a proposed work plan schedule for the project and is subject to change:

Phase I: September

  • Coordinate remote sharing of all available program documents and information

  • Review and follow-up questions for program documents and information collected remotely

  • Develop procedural or policy information where necessary

Phase II: October-November:

  • Draft initial program process maps with Capital Access guidance

  • Review initial program process maps with Client and provide edits

  • Finalize process maps to inform table of contents, chapters and subchapters necessary for each program

  • Re-draft document with mark-ups including updated table of contents for the existing HHRP manual

  • Draft new document table of contents and preliminary outline development for HPP manual

  • Client review, comments and final approval to proceed with content development and flow

  • Initial and re-draft of both manuals submitted to Client by end of November

Phase III: December-January

  • Incorporate Client’s edits and revisions or comments from all stakeholders

  • Incorporate additional policy recommendation, coordination and/or regulatory

    research and references

  • Finalize process maps and insert training notes and job aids

  • Present final draft manuals by end of January

Phase IV: February-March

  • Obtain final Client edits for revision and re-submission to Client

  • Obtain final approval and sign off

  • Provide digital editing and PDF printable copies for each guidebook, process flow

    and exhibits as necessary by March 15, 2019


Successful candidates must be an expert in two or more of the following software programs or their equivalent:

  • Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word, Visio and Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Google Docs

If selected, the service provider will work closely with the Capital Access team and the Client to ensure version control, make the most effective use of limited page allocations, incorporate final edits and prepare the document for delivery to the Client. An example of the type of template, content and process for developing a manual or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be found at:


A. Submission Requirements

To respond to this RFP, please include the following:

  • Cover letter explaining the individual or organization’s experience in the industry, key customers, availability, abilities or description of services and statement of certification of M/WBE

  • Resume (if submitted by an individual) or Company Bio (not to exceed 5pgs)

  • Professional references (two-2 or more) with contact information

  • Proposed assigned individual or team/staff. Must provide hourly rate(s) for all team members, the main point of contact, their anticipated roles and an estimated overall contract “not to exceed” amount. Estimate of “fully loaded” hourly rates should be inclusive of any travel, draft printing or related costs. This does not include any cost for print production of final approved version(s) should client request this service

  • Portfolio of two-2 or more examples of relevant desktop publishing work

B. Deadline for Submissions

This Request for Proposal process starts on Friday, September 6, 2019 and will remain open for a period of three weeks. The deadline for RFP submission is 6 pm Eastern Standard Time on Friday, September 27, 2019.

Candidates should send their RFP submission via electronic email in a .pdf format to: Mary Ann Schriedel, Electronic submissions are preferred. However, Capital Access will accept paper submissions post marked by the September 27 deadline as well.

Should you have questions, regarding this RFP, please email Marielle Conlon at:

Capital Access, in its sole discretion, will choose to enter into an agreement for the proposed professional services. It is expressly understood and agreed that the submission of a proposal does not require or obligate Capital Access to pursue an agreement with any proposer. All negotiations are subject to the consideration and discretionary approval ofCapital Access. Capital Access reserves the right to reject, without cause, any and all proposals, to waive any informality relative to proposals, and accept any proposal from any person or organization deemed advantageous to the Project.

Capital Access reserves the right to interview any and all candidates. If necessary, Capital Access reserves the right to require a Best and Final Offer from selected candidates.


Capital Access considers sole proprietors, incorporated businesses and/or partnerships as eligible candidates for this RFP. Capital Access will evaluate candidates for this engagement based on the following criteria:

  1. Skills and experience in the range of requested services

  2. Satisfactory references from past clients and/or employers

  3. Certification of being a Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) or

    a business entity that qualifies as a M/WBE and is willing and able to apply for

    certification. More information on certification and eligibility requirements can be found at:

  4. Using the attached template, submission of cost reasonable

Candidates may not have evidence of being placed on any federal debarment list and/or any other financial liability and/or pattern of negligent behavior that would present exposure to risk for the Client, HUD and/or Capital Access.


All decisions will be made no later than October 4, 2019.

Capital Access will evaluate proposals as follows:

RFP Proposal_1.JPG

All preference for this engagement will be given to candidates with a certified M/WBE status.

C. Attachments:

Thank you for your interest in working with Capital Access, Inc.

100+ Sandy Survivors Assisted in Relocating out of Floodplain


Capital Access has helped the New York City Build It Back (BIB) program reach the milestone of assisting 100 homeowners who suffered substantial storm damage move from harm’s way to safer ground.

These homeowners voluntarily chose to leave their homes because of the risks and stresses of repeat storm damage.  Capital Access helped them get fair compensation for their homes and assistance with securing safe and affordable relocation housing through the NYC BIB Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery assistance.

Capital Access continues to play an instrumental role in providing case management support to homeowners and expertise to the BIB Program with the administration of the Acquisition and Buyout Program.

Across the country, disasters are hitting communities with more frequency and fury. Areas that suffer repeat storm damage present safety risks, cause stress for residents and burden emergency services. That is why Capital Access provides a full range of Buyout and Relocation program management services with an approach that focuses on quality, expedient service delivery in a cost reasonable manner.

Capital Access deploys experienced and compassionate case managers who approach Buyout and Relocation services with a sense of respect, dignity and professionalism.  We have extensive experience with FEMA and HUD funding sources and know how to demystify the rules to serve the needs of property owners.  We are experts in the valuation and acquisition process and bring a team of locally sourced and nationally networked firms that facilitate efficient, full-scale program operations. We provide replacement housing solutions and relocation options that comply with federal regulations.

Harvey Survivors Move Home


Capital Access is on the ground in SE Texas, helping 17,000 families to safely live in and return to their homes after being flooded by Hurricane Harvey.  The FEMA-funded partial home repair program is making it possible for families to return home from hotels, apartments and other temporary shelters, and rejoin their communities, social networks and schools. 

The Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering (PREPS) program is overseen by the Texas General Land Office and is managed by the disaster recovery firm H2Bravo

Eligible emergency work provides elements necessary for survivors to shelter at home. Examples include:

  • Utilities essential for potable water, hot water, HVAC, and minimal food preparation
  • Functional kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations
  • Securing and/or essential weatherproofing to include roof, walls, doors, and windows

The PREPS cost estimate for repairs must be less than $20,000 for a home to be eligible, and it cannot have structural damage.

Capital Access affiliates have been essential pieces of the management team.  Keith Payne, working on the construction side of the program, manages scope of work modifications from contractors and trains and supports the program’s contractor liaisons.  Kent Buhl works on the customer service representative side of the operation, managing, training and supporting the nearly 100 case managers and call center staff.  Tyler Smith works with senior management, conducts data analysis and produces reports to provide feedback to stakeholders. 

The fast-paced program opened its doors in December, 2017 and construction on all 17,000 homes is expected to be complete by mid-May, 2018. For more information on the Texas PREPS program, please visit