Harvey Survivors Move Home


Capital Access is on the ground in SE Texas, helping 17,000 families to safely live in and return to their homes after being flooded by Hurricane Harvey.  The FEMA-funded partial home repair program is making it possible for families to return home from hotels, apartments and other temporary shelters, and rejoin their communities, social networks and schools. 

The Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering (PREPS) program is overseen by the Texas General Land Office and is managed by the disaster recovery firm H2Bravo

Eligible emergency work provides elements necessary for survivors to shelter at home. Examples include:

  • Utilities essential for potable water, hot water, HVAC, and minimal food preparation
  • Functional kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping accommodations
  • Securing and/or essential weatherproofing to include roof, walls, doors, and windows

The PREPS cost estimate for repairs must be less than $20,000 for a home to be eligible, and it cannot have structural damage.

Capital Access affiliates have been essential pieces of the management team.  Keith Payne, working on the construction side of the program, manages scope of work modifications from contractors and trains and supports the program’s contractor liaisons.  Kent Buhl works on the customer service representative side of the operation, managing, training and supporting the nearly 100 case managers and call center staff.  Tyler Smith works with senior management, conducts data analysis and produces reports to provide feedback to stakeholders. 

The fast-paced program opened its doors in December, 2017 and construction on all 17,000 homes is expected to be complete by mid-May, 2018. For more information on the Texas PREPS program, please visit texasrebuilds.com.